Reading News – May 2017

Hello! Welcome back to another article, this one all about the reading news of this past month.

In May we’ve only got a few news, but we did get a lot of cover reveals.

With all these reveals we also got a bunch of synopsis and title reveals. And sometimes the cover reveal is also a chance to discover some future releases I hadn’t heard of yet.

As per usual, I’ll be mentioning here the reading news that caught my attention, but there are probably many more I missed! So let me know in the comment section below what news caught your attention.

The Reveals

A cover reveal for the next two Marissa Meyer books

A little while ago, we discovered that Marissa Meyer was releasing a new novel this fall, the first in a series centered around heroes and villains, and super powers. Well, this month we got a cover, and it is gorgeous. Needless to say I am super excited about it. Especially since The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series ever.

Speaking of which, Meyer also revealed the cover for the second installment of Wires and Nerve, the graphic novel sequel to the Lunar Chronicles. I have yet to read this duology, but I’m sure it’s a can’t miss for any fan of the series.

Tahereh Mafi’s next book gets a title and a cover

Tahereh Mafi is coming back this fall with a companion novel to her first middle-grade book Furthermore. This novel, entitled Whichwood will focus on a young main character who washes dead bodies all day long. This rather dark setting for a middle grade is really interesting, and I’m looking forward to discovering this book.

I have yet to read Furthermore, but the synopsis has me intrigued and both novels are blessed with gorgeous covers, which is a plus!

Here’s the synopsis: “Laylee can barely remember the happier times before her beloved mother died. Before her father, driven by grief, lost his wits (and his way). Before she was left as the sole remaining mordeshoor in the village of Whichwood, destined to spend her days washing the bodies of the dead and preparing their souls for the afterlife. It’s become easy to forget and easier still to ignore the way her hands are stiffening and turning silver, just like her hair, and her own ever-increasing loneliness and fear.
But soon, a pair of familiar strangers appears, and Laylee’s world is turned upside down as she rediscovers color, magic, and the healing power of friendship.”

New books to come

Alexandra Bracken does middle-grade fantasy

This past month EW revealed the synopsis and the cover of The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken, which will come out on September 5th. This reveal made me discover this future release I hadn’t heard of yet. This will be a middle grade urban fantasy novel, all about demons et curses. I must say the synopsis is intriguing and the cover truly beautiful.

Synopsis: Prosper is the only unexceptional Redding in his old and storied family history — that is, until he discovers the demon living inside him. Turns out Prosper’s great-great-great-great-great-something grandfather made — and then broke — a contract with a malefactor, a demon who exchanges fortune for eternal servitude. And, weirdly enough, four-thousand-year-old Alastor isn’t exactly the forgiving type.
The fiend has reawakened with one purpose — to destroy the family whose success he ensured and who then betrayed him. With only days to break the curse and banish Alastor back to the demon realm, Prosper is playing unwilling host to the fiend, who delights in tormenting him with nasty insults and constant attempts trick him into a contract. Yeah, Prosper will take his future without a side of eternal servitude, thanks.
Little does Prosper know, the malefactor’s control over his body grows stronger with each passing night, and there’s a lot Alastor isn’t telling his dim-witted (but admittedly strong-willed) human host.

The author of Mara Dyer comes back

So apparently this is kind of all news: Michelle Hodkin has announced she is working on a new series. The Shaw Confessions is a spin-off of Mara Dyer, her best-seller trilogy. According to the synopsis reveal this month, the first book in this new series, The Becoming of Noah Shaw, takes place after the events of The Retribution of Mara Dyer. It will come out next November.

I haven’t read Mara Dyer, even though it’s been on my wishlist for a while… What about you, have you read it?

Here’s the short synopsis: Everyone thinks seventeen-year-old Noah Shaw has the world on a string. They’re wrong.
Mara Dyer is the only one he trusts with his secrets and his future. He shouldn’t.
And both are scared that uncovering the truth about themselves will force them apart. They’re right.

So that’s it for this month’s reading news. I’ll be back next month for all the can’t miss book related news!

Happy readings,


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